The Boyfriend – Blu-ray Review

The Boyfriend Blu Ray Featured

Chris Haller

Chris is currently completing his final year of undergraduate studies at SUNY Brockport in Biological Sciences, with intent to enter a career in public education. When he's not throwing a Blu-ray on for review, or watching a Laserdisc, he can probably be found playing competitive Overwatch, and whining about the shifting balance in the meta.

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  • Scott Eckhardt

    I saw this film back in 1972 in it’s shortened, 109 minute version. I loved the film even then. As my movie collection primarily consists of old films, standard dvd has always been good enough for me. (My partner, who likes newer films, has many blu rays.) At the advice of an Austrailian friend, I made THE BOY FRIEND my first blu ray. It truly does look and sound spectacular, and I have fallen in love all over again with it. I think that Twiggy hit just the right, Ruby Keelerish note for Polly. Her singing was sweet, if unpolished, and her dancing was enchanting. The color is so spectacular, that, yes, you would swear it was good, old-fashioned Technicolor. A unique musical that has always worked for me.