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Moonlight Blu-ray

Moonlight – Blu-ray Review

The Movie (3.5/5) As everyone knows at this point, Moonlight is your new Academy Award winner for Best Picture, in one of the greatest and most infamous Oscar moments of all-time. Moonlight also took...

Top 5 Criterion

The Criterion Dozen: Part 1

A series that analyzes and studies The Criterion Collection, ten films at a time. The Criterion Collection is an institution of film study, film appreciation, film collection and obsession.  It is primarily a film...

Bad Santa 2 Feature

Bad Santa 2 – Blu-ray Review

Bad Santa 2 is a 2016 American Christmas black comedy crime film that was directed by Mark Waters and written by Shauna Cross and Johnny Rosenthal.  Serving as a direct sequel to the 2003...